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As market data rates continue to skyrocket, data distribution platforms such as those provided by Reuters (RMDS) and Wombat Financial Services, are coming under increasing pressure to keep up with the message volume while minimizing the processing time required to make these messages available to end users. To do so, requires that the distribution system deployed at the customer site be optimally configured and operating at peak efficiency.

Market data services are made available to customers thru a complex set of inter-connected components consisting of external data communication lines, vendor software, servers, networks, and end user applications that work in concert to distribute data throughout the enterprise. Ensuring that data is not impeded on its journey to its final destination requires constant vigilance and careful review of information generated during system operation.

West Highland Support Services, a company whose primary business focus is providing support and monitoring services for market data distribution systems, now offers customers a comprehensive review of their market data delivery systems. This study is the end product of a limited consulting engagement intended to determine the following:

 The operational integrity of the market data distribution system
 Areas that in the near term, threaten to diminish the quality of the market data service
 How configuration and tuning parameters compare with industry best practices
 Bottlenecks and end user applications that are exerting “Back Pressure” on system components
 How to optimize support and monitoring of these systems

West Highland draws upon its vast experience gained from servicing market data systems from a wide array of companies in the financial services industry. No other vendor independent service provider has the experience to match the knowledge base that West Highland has amassed while supporting its customers. With the availability of West Highland’s “Technology Review” service, customers who have not yet contracted with West Highland for monitoring and support services can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that West Highland has accumulated.

The review gathers and analyzes information from log files, historical monitoring utilities, system commands, network tools and configuration settings to gain a comprehensive view into how the market data distribution system is operating, and what can be done to ensure that data quality is not diminished.


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