A-TEAM INNOVATION AWARDS 2021Most Innovative Entity Data Hierarchies Approach

West Highland Support Services Wins “Most Innovative Entity Data Hierarchies Approach” awarded by the A-Team Group – A-Team Innovation Awards 2021.

The A-Team Innovation Awards celebrate innovative projects and teams across the vendor and practitioner communities that make use of new and emerging technologies to deliver high-value solutions for financial institutions in capital markets. The A-Team Group congratulates West Highland Support Services, winners of the 2021 A-Team Innovation Award for “Most Innovative Entity Data Hierachies Approach” category.

West Highland’s Legal Entity Mastering as a Service allows our clients to better understand and keep up with the rapid changes and complex behavior of the markets, providing insight and sentiment to the core structure of public and private entities, their fundamentals, and c-level contacts.

Our LEM solution is a big data, cloud-based platform that allows our clients to seamlessly access and master legal entity, security and corporate actions, geographical attributes, identifiers, regulatory information, and corporate hierarchy.

This creates a golden copy consisting of fundamentals, capital deals, news, and any other data points that help our clients assess transactional opportunities, counter-party and credit risk.

West Highland Thanks A-TEAM for acknowledging WHSS as a leading innovator in the financial services industry.

West Highland Support Services has a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Bringing together strong technical, administration and business experience allows us to achieve cost savings and process improvements for our customers whilst also providing enhanced 24-hour support. With offices in New York, Connecticut and London we leverage our industry and client experience to provide a best practice approach to our Market Data engagements.

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