Steven Roe
As firms engage in initiatives to drive down cost across all business units, senior management is once again targeting additional savings in infrastructure reductions. This directive has pushed many firms to reduce their infrastructure based on “benchmarking and monitoring” using rudimentary and inappropriately configured monitoring tools. Problem Statement Most monitoring utilities only have the ability...
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HOW TRADING FLOORS BEING CLOSED IMPACTS MARKET CLOSE Background Prior to COVID-19 trading floors at Exchanges had very effective processes for opening and closing the markets. This consisted of brokers on trading floors who understood their firm’s position and would buy or sell stocks to remove any large risk to the firm. These processes have...
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There is no doubt that financial service companies succeed or fail based on their ability to understand, analyze and react to data. Massive amounts of money are spent creating and managing data delivery infrastructures and fierce competition exists between firms trying to hire the top quantitative analysts. This year’s academy award nominated film, “The Big...
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So you want to reduce your overall market data spend… tired of paying exorbitant fees?  You are not alone.  There has been a large demand from virtually all clients on both the buy-side and the sell-side to reduce overall spend on market data.  This trend has been cyclical over the years but is currently front and center...
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