Get a handle on the myriad of Refinitiv and Bloomberg data notifications

Industry leader West Highland is providing a free service that notifies subscribers to new and revised data notifications that match their interested subscription.

Not having a handle on Data Notifications can cost your firm money or cause applications to not run correctly

A typical client has a large amount of market data usage from multiple vendor subscription services. These services often require additions, change or be removed and it is a cumbersome process for users/application owners to identify which DN’s have impact to their environments. With DNSS, that problem is solved. Anyone who subscribes to this free service will be notified every time a service is changed, all in one simple and easy to understand place.

Getting started is easy – just provide your basic contact information and leave the heavy lifting to us. Subscribers will receive an email when a new DN is published or an existing DN is revised. This helps users to stay on top of the DN’s like never before. DNSS tracks all changes and what the impact of the change is.

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    DNSS is part of our full Data Notification Manager Platform.

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