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Bringing 25 years of market data optimization, operational efficiency, and expense reduction to financial firms through innovative tools and fit-for-purpose solutions. This is procured through five comprehensive service offerings.


Our unique product offerings include ALIVE (Application Latency Indicator for Vendors and Exchanges), IDP (Intelligent Data Platform), DNM (Data Notification Manager), and WACM (Web Access Control Manager). ALIVE is a data monitoring and quality tool used to identify discrepancies in a data provider’s content. IDP manages the myriad of reference data sources that a client consumes. DNM identifies the impact of Market Data Provider’s content changes to their environment. WACM enables clients to control access to, monitor usage, and adhere to vendor rules for web delivered subscription services.


The Executive Concierge Services offering was developed to assist asset managers, Hedge Funds, and small to mid-tier banks with a market data strategy. Typically, these firms do not employ a Global Head of market data and may lack the expertise to develop a long-term roadmap that addresses the challenges that firms face.

The key benefits of West Highland are the ability to reduce your expenses in managing, acquiring, supporting, engineering and installing market data systems.”

CEO, West Highland