Data Notification Manager

The West Highland Data Notification Manager (DNM) identifies the impact of Market Data Provider’s content changes to their environment.

DNM is an intelligent tool for automating the management and distribution of system and data feed change notifications. This solves the problem of managing vendor notices while mitigating financial risk. Market Data Managers can now search notifications by price impact, product, exchange, affected users, and more. Additionally, DNM integrates with client ticket systems to seamlessly merge with existing client business processes and has a built in API for direct access to DN data. This flexible approach provides a more convenient and precise way of executing the various DN’s across many of the market data providers such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Activ, ICE, FactSet, Clearnet, etc.

West Highland offers this as a cloud based service leveraging its team of experts to decipher DN impact to the firm and spearhead the weekly notification meetings.



Digital Intelligence and Insight via Data Notification Manager (DNM)

Staying in front of the daily changes to the millions of data points that impact your business is mission critical. Not knowing the effect that a change notification has on applications or users puts your business at risk of service outages and financial impact. Changes not being communicated to stakeholders and processed in a timely manner drastically impacts a firm’s bottom line.

DNM provides clients with a granular view of the impact that vendor service changes have, down to the instrument level so your business knows exactly what changes need to be made, mitigating impact to the business. In the past, most changes were announced for a data package or bundle as they happened, leaving business application managers and data support teams with the time-consuming task of determining impact to the business’ intraday workflow. Prevent and eliminate revenue impacting service disruptions and license fee increases using DNM.


Digitize and automate your entire data notification workflow eliminating manual effort, while mitigating financial risk. Direct email and service ticket integration (JIRA) from DNM enhances straight through processing greatly reduces time and is 100% accurate.

Change Insight and Sentiment
Cutting edge algorithms tailored for specific alerts. DNM identifies, tracks, and categorizes impact to RIC’s and Tickers, vendor code(s), product code(s), asset class/security types, application, and end user(s).

Rest API and Dashboard to Access All DNM Content
Search notifications through a REST API or dashboard by product, security code, type, service & venue source, impact by business, region/locale, application, and user(s). Clients can also create and store change histories.

Continuous “impact alerting” to ensure business and technology teams are notified of changes and revisions. Ensures global change management protocols are in place that follow internal and industry best practices.

Change Calendar
Global calendar that provides a GPS-like industry and company perspective. Use as standalone or integrate it into your firm’s corporate event calendar. Filter calendar to display DN’s by category, impact, and user/application.

Current Vendor Service Supported
• Refinitiv – TREP, DataScope, Product, and Service Notifications
• Bloomberg – BPIPE, Terminal Exchange, Reference, Pricing, Regulatory, Contracts, Server API
• Activ – Content Platform
• ICE – Real-Time Feed
• FactSet – Real-Time Feed, Market Data Quotes
• Clearnet – Real-Time Feed


Aggregate data notifications from all vendors into a single management console

Protects business from service outage & financial loss

Digitizes & automates notification process

Greatly reduces process management time

Prioritize notifications by Business Unit systems

Access to any vendor notification

API access to the DNM Database

Integrates with client ticket systems

24-hour follow the sun support