Web Access Control Manager Legal

LEGAL Industry Leading WEB Access and Control Solution – desktop and mobile device support

Web Access Control Manager Legal enables clients to control access to, monitor usage, and adhere to vendor rules for web delivered subscription services. Clients are able to enforce license rules, identify what is being used (or not used) and how to reduce the current spend of these services in real-time.



Web Access Control Manager (WACM) provides Legal firms with the capability to control individual access to authorized web-delivered legal data services. WACM integrates with Active Directory managing the user id and password in a central database. We use intelligent automation to easily add, change and delete users and vendor services.

WACM Administration Dashboard has a complete audit trail of all application login and usage details allowing clients to create more accurate billing and reduce cost from non-usage. In addition, there is built-in automation which sends email alerts to designated team members directly identifying cost saving opportunities such as low usage or unused services.

WACM is deployed either on premise, in a client owned/managed cloud, or West Highland’s cloud / as-a-service and features:

• Compliance with vendor access requirements
• Reduce cost of web-based subscription services
• Eliminates exposure from sharing login credentials among users
• Visibility into website usage / what user clicks on / how often, etc.
• Full audit trail of usage for analysis of usage (or non-usage) patterns to suggest more cost effective alternatives

Single Sign-on Solution

This is achieved by connecting to the firms Active Directory and using the same login credentials contained in Active Directory and is comprised of several key features:

• Launch and login to all service websites or internal applications with one click
• Single Sign-on with their Active Directory credentials
• Support for two factor authentication
• Eliminates sharing credentials
• All entitlement credentials are managed via WACM

Usage Tracking for Cost Savings

Firms rely on vendors to track and report Legal data website usage. Vendors are not incentivized to provide reports proactively, they tend to be incomplete or don’t show what is important to the firm. WACM tracks every log-in with time stamped credentials to highlight when and how often a user logs into their services as well as what the service is being used for. Usage tracking occurs whenever an attorney accesses the service – in the office, at home, at the courthouse or at a client.


All Service accessed through a single portal

Full support for mobile device operations

Quick on and off-boarding – automatically shuts users off based on business criteria

Remembers website screen location on user’s desktop, no need to reposition website every day

Usage Tracking of log-in and workflow

Reporting of Legal Data Website usage and non-usage

Automation to notify administration of cost saving opportunities

Complete audit trail of entitlement changes

Ability to integrated with Legal Data Inventory system

24-hour support


Control access and usage of web delivered, subscription-based legal data services

Same user experience and usage tracking from user’s desktop or mobile device

Removes compliance issue of sharing credentials

Provides visibility into when users are logging into their services

Email automation to proactively notify admin of under utilization

Not a browser plug-in avoiding any external security or privacy exposure

Identify how long users are spending on their services to highlight cost savings

Enables clients to determine best contract / license terms with vendors based upon actual usage patterns