West Highland is proud to announce our new FIN-TEENZ Internship Program. Designed for teens ages 14-17 who have an interest in computer science, we will introduce the Fin-Tech world and highlight future career path opportunities.

Students will learn how to write software using UIPATH, Java, and Python. They will be introduced to the world of Wall Street, the Stock Market, and the important role that technology / software development plays in financial services. In addition to being taught how to write software, they will learn about responsibility, communication, working with a team, meeting deadlines, and saving their money. We hope to develop the future generation of Wall Street Fin-Tech leaders & innovators!

This is a paid junior internship and teens will be mentored remotely by one of our experienced developers. Communication with the mentor will utilize MS Teams and the program will consist of 2-10 young students.

Many Opportunities within the Fin-Tech Industry

Fin-Tech is a term used to describe firms that use new technology to compete with legacy financial applications in the delivery of financial services.

AI, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, etc. are just some of the bleeding edge technologies that are all software-based solutions and are driving growth in Financial Services and all other industries! Great time to learn.

Participants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have a PC and internet access
  2. Work to maintain a “B” average in school
  3. Always put schoolwork first
  4. Have an interest in technology and a desire to learn
  5. Want to have fun through coding!

If you would like to enter your teen into this program,
please contact us at