Professional Services

WHSS’s professional services vertical addresses a variety of executive level and management challenges experienced by clients resulting from trends or changes in the industry. Typically, a client organization needs to seek the advice and opinions of a firm with the capabilities of WHSS.

Our presence in many client firms across the industry makes WHSS an invaluable resource with a diverse set of abilities. WHSS uses industry best practices and determines what is best “fit for purpose” for the client organization. WHSS brings expert services and management capabilities to the table, resulting in professional services that are efficient and rewarding for our clients.

Enterprise Assessments

WHSS’s Market Data Concierge Services offering is designed to assist clients with defining an industry standard market data strategy or vision. Many organizations may be without a Global Head of Market Data and may not have a centralized approach to acquiring and managing market data, creating a need for the knowledge and expertise of WHSS.


A WHSS subject matter expert conducts assessments of the client’s market data environment. An in depth view of contracts, commercial terms, service/vendor mix, technology used, and overall spend are reviewed. Through the assessment, WHSS uses best practices and establishes how the client is currently operating as compared to other firms. After a comparison of the two views, WHSS is able to determine what functions and tasks can be optimized and where there are opportunities for savings.

Enterprise Monitoring Deployments

WHSS is routinely engaged by clients to leverage its toolsets across the firm’s enterprise beyond market data. WHSS’s monitoring and virtualization tools have been deployed across database servers, file servers and in-house developed applications, and trading applications to create an enhanced, consistent level of visibility for internal business and operations teams.


The Enterprise Monitoring tools focus on the critical information and activities. This information is important in providing the client organization with the analytics needed to ensure service delivery. The inherent ability to perform visualizations and trend analysis in real time is used by senior management for capacity planning and budget justification exercises.

Enterprise Dashboard

A custom application designed to provide a central view of service availability and vendor information at a glance.

Project & Program Management

West Highland Support Services has a team of senior project and program managers that assist clients on large-scale projects and high visibility initiatives. WHSS has led projects related to mergers and acquisition, enterprise transformation initiatives, regional relocations, electronic discovery initiatives, and next generation migrations.

WHSS’s industry expertise and long standing reputation to deliver, clients choose to leverage our capabilities to execute these projects. WHSS assures accurate, complete and detailed results within the strictest timeframes.

Staff Augmentation

Customer market data teams are resource stressed and require additional support across all of their enterprise offices. WHSS provides additional staffing when a client needs on premise support. The augmented staff typically supports market data related issues, commercial, and general technology projects. The staff resources are experienced engineers, technologists, commercial management / vendor sourcing, and operations personnel.

Training – Product and Application

The finance industry is a niche market with very dynamic products, tools and support applications introduced with great frequency. WHSS is actively testing new versions, products and toolsets to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. WHSS develops client training programs designed to bring these new technologies to our clients. We train the internal client team to manage and administer applications such as Refinitiv DACS and Bloomberg’s EMRS.

We understand the industry, the applications, the services and how the process of market data and finance works, which is why we are successful in our space. That gives West Highland a unique advantage over the competition.”

CEO, West Highland Support Services