Intelligent Data Platform

The Intelligent Data Platform™ (IDP) is a big data solution that brings together reference data, pricing, and analytics across all asset classes, security types and fields on a single platform. This unified platform creates benefits across the key dimensions of performance: Cost Reduction, Speed of Access and Distribution , Digital Transformation, and Data Source Agility.

The Intelligent Data Platform™ (IDP) applies big data technologies to create a managed or deployed high speed mastering service with infinite data warehouse capacity for all required data attributes in one immutable cache on demand.



Accessing Reference Data for OMS, SOR, STP and corporate actions creates unique challenges for business, technology and data managers.

The West Highland Support Services, Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) helps firms understand their data usage across end of day and real-time; eliminating redundant fee liable data requests; change sources seamlessly; connect reference, analytics, pricing data in a single immutable store of truth.

With the Intelligent Data Platform Buyside and Sellside firms will significantly reduce their market data expenditures while meeting the data compliance and authentication requirements for business applications and users.

West Highland, a leader in market data technology support and solution services for over 20 years, recognizes these challenges and the need to push Enterprise Data Management closer to the front office by enabling real-time capabilities in the Intelligent Data Platform. IDP greatly reduces time and effort needed to manage data requirements for trading & risk platforms, providing tools to manage corporate actions, optimize reference data use, new security setups and time series for back-testing investment strategies.


Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)
An agile tool that allows business systems to retrieve all required data attributes for millions of traded securities / day with minimal or no expense line impact, reducing fee liable sources across the enterprise.

Symbology and Security Identifier Change Management
IDP’s big data technology maintains the lineage of any symbol or security identifier to the parent entity based on appropriate business rules and industry best practices.

New Security Setup
IDP provides immediate access to terms & conditions for newly traded securities, or new constituents within an index or basket, and can store and master limitless time series for back-testing of any type of trading and investment strategies.

Times Series Analysis
Store and master limitless time series for back-testing of any type of trading and investment strategies.

Source Management
Manage all your trading and data sources simultaneously.


Better cost transparency

Reduce fiscal and run-rate spending

Fulfill EDM requirements in real-time for trading and risk management

Manage Corporate Actions seamlessly

Enhanced authentication & authorization capabilities for compliance, audits & reporting

Real-time availability of T&Cs for enhanced STP

Consistent data for better TRACE adherence

Improved data integrity for P&L and Risk Management

Large time series store for back testing & analysis of investment or trade strategies