CASE STUDYNavigating the Data Notification Maze for Bloomberg Terminal Users

A Client’s Challenge

West Highland’s client, a global financial institution, faced a significant challenge with their Bloomberg Terminal users. With upwards of 2500 Bloomberg Terminals, they had no visibility into data notifications impacting their users’ terminals and desktop applications, such as Excel or BB desktop API. This lack of insight led to business risks, as users were trading from portfolios and applications that were not accurate. Additionally, price change Data Notifications (DNs) from Bloomberg automatically changed prices unless the subscription was cancelled or renewed, leaving Market Data teams with potential budget impacts and competitive disadvantage that needed to be reactively addressed.

West Highland’s Enhanced Data Notification Manager: A Game-Changer for Bloomberg Terminal Users

West Highland has enhanced our Data Notification Manager (DNM) to support the identification of Data Notifications affecting Bloomberg Terminal users. With this enhancement, firms no longer have to work in a reactive mode to support BB changes to Terminal users. DNM is the ONLY SOLUTION in the industry that matches Bloomberg Terminal usage against data notifications, showing only the DNs that impact your firm.

Transforming Data Notification Management: The Results Speak for Themselves

With West Highland’s DNM, our client experienced significant benefits:

  • Removed the business risk of Portfolio Managers (PMs) and Traders working with inaccurate models.
  • Automated the notification email process, ensuring PMs and Traders never miss a DN that impacts them.
  • Identified cost impacts for exchange price increases, allowing for proper budgeting.
  • Significantly reduced the time support teams spend on reviewing Bloomberg DNs across products such as Real-time, non-Real-time, and Terminal in one dashboard by DN effective date.
Collaborating for Success: Crafting the Optimal Solution for Bloomberg Terminal Users

At West Highland, we believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with our client, we were able to understand their unique challenges and needs. Together, we crafted the optimal solution for Bloomberg Terminal users, enhancing our Data Notification Manager to provide unparalleled visibility into data notifications that impact their terminals and desktop applications. Our client’s success is a testament to the value of partnership and the importance of tailored solutions. We’re proud to have played a role in helping them navigate the data notification maze and achieve their goals.

“Having the visibility into the Bloomberg Terminal Data Notification that are impacting my users has completely removed getting calls from frustrated users and the time to investigate”

— Managing Director, Global Hedge Fund


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