Intelligent Data Platform

USE CASE 1: Reference Data / LE Matching on Demand

The Intelligent Data Platform™ (IDP) for Reference Data is a big data solution that brings together Legal entity (LE) reference data, pricing, and analytics across all asset classes, security types and fields on a single platform. This unified platform allows you to easily and rapidly integrate traditional as well as alternative third party data into your inhouse applications and CRM systems via a REST API.

The Intelligent Data Platform™ (IDP) applies big data technologies as well as state of the art AI driven matching capability to create a managed or deployed mastering service with highly scalable data warehouse capacity for all required data attributes in one immutable cache on demand.

USE CASE 2: Authentication and Access Control of external fee liable vendor services

The Intelligent Data Platform™ (IDP) for Authentication and Access Control is a service that combines client market data subscription data from multiple vendors, manages user authentications and analyzes usage across multiple platforms, in order to ensure users are optimally permissioned for the market data they need, and also provides detailed reporting for audit and compliance purposes.

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