Turbo-Charging Legal Entity Mastering with our Intelligent Data Platform

West Highland has expanded our Intelligent Data Platform which provides clients the ability to ingest sources for any structured or non-structured data and deliver to a customizable dashboard with a robust REST API for Data Science and Quant Analysis.

IDP-Legal Entity Mastering (IDP-LEM) to support Investment Management firms need to see vendor data sources and their internal proprietary data as one source for view in a dashboard and API to generate advisory activity for their clients.

IDP-LEM ingest the following services:

Legal Entity Data
Contact Data
Reference Data
Deals Data
Real-time Data

This unique offering has the following benefits:
  • Implement a vendor instance in our or clients cloud of choice (Vendor IDP-LEM) to consolidate vendor data. Reducing the cost of deploying these services on premise.
  • Quick time to market for adding new vendor service reducing the onboarding from 6 months to a few weeks.
  • Deployed IDP-LEM to ingest client’s internal data with the vendor data giving a more complete view (Client IDP-LEM) of their clients and new advisory opportunities.
  • Our solution is a full 24 hour Managed Service reducing the total cost of ownership.