Data Management
In the Covid-19 world Market Data team workloads have increased exponentially.  Teams being under BAU pressure, working remotely, and split across locations have additional challenges.  Contract Renewals and Roll Overs are often overlooked or pushed down the priority queue as business users constantly demand new data sets, alternative data, and wider data distribution. This has...
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It has long been recognized that managed services provide benefits beyond cost reduction.   Although commercial savings can reach upwards of 60% against existing cost of in-house models, the pandemic has shined a light on several equally important benefits that are provided by outsourcing. Managed services have been immune to risk that localized proximity models have. ...
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West Highland has expanded our Intelligent Data Platform which provides clients the ability to ingest sources for any structured or non-structured data and deliver to a customizable dashboard with a robust REST API for Data Science and Quant Analysis. IDP-Legal Entity Mastering (IDP-LEM) to support Investment Management firms need to see vendor data sources and...
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One wrong move can have significant impact! Data Notification and Usage Management for Refinitiv DataScope Introduction: Financial Services firms use Refinitiv DataScope to deliver reference data, corporate actions and pricing data to drive business applications. These applications provide significant value when pricing mutual funds, risk positions and portfolio management. As there are changes to the...
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