Reducing Costs in Legal Firms with Smarter Expense Transparency

West Highland Support Services (WHSS) has been a leader in the Financial sector for over 23 years and is now offering our Web Access and Control Manager (WACM) solution to the Legal Industry.

The WACM Solution

WACM assists Legal firms with managing costs, particularly though authorizing access to Web based fee-liable services and document downloads. WACM also applies governance best practices to a firm’s usage rights enabling greater compliance control to Internet delivered subscriptions.

Our solution offers several key benefits to legal firms that use 3rd party web-based resources for briefs, precedent research, data analytics, attorney workflows or Web based Library Services

  1. Identify under-used subscriptions and help reduce costs by removing unused accesses
  2. Negotiate more favourable contract terms with better transparency into attorney requirements, better understanding of your organisation’s usage patterns, ensure access to best-in-class services and aid competitor displacements
  3. Enable more accurate internal cost allocation for more accurate client billables
  4. Ensure compliance with 3rd party vendor contracts and license terms removing any opportunity for password sharing or non-compliant usage

Covid-19 has impacted all industries by introducing new challenges on how firms work from home to accessing their firm’s networks and documents. Workloads for Librarians have increased, partner, associates and client interactions have become more challenging.

Firms should have a strong focus on staying compliant with their supplier’s terms & conditions of usage however there is inherent risk when delivering fee liable online resource & research services over the web. Any lack of compliance can lead to Vendor Audits with large back bills, bad publicity, or both.

All Your 3rd Party Services Under One Umbrella

West Highland Support Services unique solution controls access through our leading authentication and authorization methodology to fee liable services, subscription websites and any Internet delivered services within an organization’s enterprise.

Our product ensures compliance with vendor rules, eliminates password sharing or access from unauthorized locations while controlling costs in real time with proactive reporting of low or non-usage savings opportunities.

Our access control methodology allows our clients to utilize more efficiently single sign-on (SSO), allowing attorneys to sign into all their 3rd party services through their own credentials providing better governance, enhanced corporate security and control.

West Highland Support Services Inc. have a demonstrated history of helping clients reduce data expenses, maintain compliance with innovative, cost-effective solutions. With offices in New York, Connecticut, and London we leverage our industry and client experience to provide a best practice approach to our engagements. Visit Executive Concierge Services at our website.

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