High Performance Data Management on Demand

High Performance Data Management no longer optional

Firms are increasingly in need of high-performance systems with on demand delivery, caching/storing, analytics and field level lineage capabilities to handle large data requests often due to corporate events like stock splits and mergers, new security issuance, IPOs, equity and debt raising etc.

With the proliferation of data science and machine learning, on demand data management is becoming ever more important.

A state of the art data management and mastering system will minimize the operational time and guesswork out of working with corporate events, company legal structures, acquisitions, changes in public and private capital structures, restructuring debt and equity capital markets issuances, fragmented data sources and global / regional reporting standards.

Changing markets require a robust and flexible integrated data mastering management solution

Investment managers are dealing with ever changing markets, staff dislocation and need more than ever an integrated data mastering management solution to facilitate:

  • Measuring and determining the impact of investment / trade decisions
  • On demand performance reports and data quality support to the front middle and back office groups involved in the transaction life cycle
  • A centralized and transparent view of a firm’s risk exposure (VaR)
A data platform that is truly INTELLIGENT

WHSS’ Intelligent Data Platform is a high-performance data management solution that brings everything together as a cloud-based service with its ETL, big data store, data mastering and delivery capabilities on demand.

Intelligent Data Platform Benefits:
  • Maximize the value of your data across your front, middle and back office
  • Handle any amount of data requested with full analytics
  • Provide clean and accurate data for reporting and risk management
  • Link all required referential data via any source for one version of the truth, front to back
  • Eliminate exposure from sharing login credentials
  • Full audit trail of usage for analysis or sourcing cheaper alternatives

West Highland Support Services is a vendor-agnostic managed service provider, recognized globally as an industry authority and thought partner for market data, referential and professional services for over 20 years.

West Highland is referred to as “The Gold Standard” for managing, installing and architecting robust market data platforms.  We continue to lead the industry with innovative tools and services that increase visibility, manage capacity and maximize uptime while reducing overall operating expense.

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