Reference Data Management as a Service, Big Data Store and On Demand Delivery

Poor data management, an impediment to investment decisions

There are hundreds of thousands of entities participating in the markets trading trillions of stocks and billions of bonds. The data describing these financial instruments is often updated, complex, incomplete, and incompatible. These issues impede companies and investors in making investment decisions, managing risk and hinder regulators in overseeing these firms, the markets, and the financial system as a whole.

Not having accurate and timely referential data can put firms at a disadvantage

These market participants require vast amounts of reference data which include unique identifiers for a security, legal entities issuing the stock or bond, dividend rates, transactional type and venue. Challenges arise with complex OTC derivatives and when participants, counter parties and regulators do not agree on the terms, definitions, and formats of a financial transaction and/or instrument.

Having this data stored in one location for front mid and back office consumption is essential for best execution, risk management, regulatory and compliance and trade reconciliations.

Referential data consumption within the Advisory and Data Science space is increased exponentially due to market volatility, artificial intelligence, and compute capabilities. Companies need data for innovative ideas for new business and to generate Alpha. Not having accurate referential data in a timely fashion can put firms at a disadvantage. Onboarding new sources if not managed effectively can create more delays and add unneeded negative exposure.

Gold standard for referential data requirements

WHSS’ Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) provides on demand access and infinite storage for referential data needed for any market, asset class, security and gives market participants the capability to subscribe to any type of data and normalize it into a consistent format and master the data to be used in a fully customizable dashboard and a robust API.

IDP can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid premise/cloud deployment.

Intelligent Data Platform Benefits:
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art, cluster supports continuous availability and readily scalability with load requirements
  • Flexible data architecture to store and make available all data types and normalizes any format.
  • ETL\OLAP tools  and big data store  guarantees infinite storage, on demand access and data integrity
  • Provides a single source of truth accessible to anyone who is authorized and authenticated by source ID and IP address, down to the field level for fee liable services.
  • Comprehensive audit trails for better governance and compliance

West Highland Support Services is a vendor-agnostic managed service provider, recognized globally as an industry authority and thought partner for market data, referential and professional services for over 20 years.

West Highland is referred to as “The Gold Standard” for managing, installing and architecting robust market data platforms.  We continue to lead the industry with innovative tools and services that increase visibility, manage capacity and maximize uptime while reducing overall operating expense.

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