Scott Breslin
WHO HAS ACCESS TO YOUR CRITICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS? YOU’D BE SURPRISED. Controlling and having full transparency of business users and systems access to books and records of a firm is a central tenant to mitigating company risk, cost, and business continuity. There are two critical processes that market data teams and business CISO’s need to...
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Poor data management, an impediment to investment decisions There are hundreds of thousands of entities participating in the markets trading trillions of stocks and billions of bonds. The data describing these financial instruments is often updated, complex, incomplete, and incompatible. These issues impede companies and investors in making investment decisions, managing risk and hinder regulators...
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High Performance Data Management no longer optional Firms are increasingly in need of high-performance systems with on demand delivery, caching/storing, analytics and field level lineage capabilities to handle large data requests often due to corporate events like stock splits and mergers, new security issuance, IPOs, equity and debt raising etc. With the proliferation of data...
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Getting a handle on your market data is crucial Containing data expenses, maintaining the integrity of access to fee liable and reportable proprietary data has never been more challenging and crucial due to market volatility, legacy applications, and the availability of technical workarounds. Looking for new revenue vendor firms are focusing on non-compliant application usage...
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Modernization of Order Routing and Execution Services With the liquidity shift to the Buy-Side, increased volumes, volatility, and ever more complex client orders, Buy-Side firms need to modernize their order routing and execution services, and upgrade to a high-performance, best in class cloud-based order routing, data, and execution platform. Competitive DIS-Advantage-Due to Older Order Routing...
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